When you work with KCCU, you get more than a financial relationship. We offer free benefits for your employees as well through our Employee Financial Learning Support Program. KCCU offers these programs to businesses in the communities in which we operate as our mission is to serve not only our members, but to help strengthen Southwest Michigan as a whole.

These programs are free of charge and are conducted by experienced KCCU staff who have years of experience helping people make smart financial decisions. Employees worry about paying bills, retirement planning, how to pay for kid’s college expenses, financial emergencies, debt issues, investments, loans, household budgets…the list of financial concerns is endless. Yet, the stress of many of these issues can be reduced for your employees through education and support.

KCCU offers you a selection of short, 30 to 60 minute programs designed to assist your employees in several topic areas. We will be happy to review these with you and help you pick out the best programs to meet the requirements of your organization. And, keep in mind, we can also tailor the individual programs to fit the knowledge level and needs of your staff.

Topics include:

Credit Reports: A person’s financial options are influenced more by their credit report than just about anything else. This, and the fact credit reports can be very difficult to understand, can lead to mistakes and misunderstandings about the information they contain. This program will help your employees evaluate and understand how credit reports work and what can be done to improve them.

Budgeting and Debt Management: Building budgets, managing debt, and learning to take charge of finances will help give your employees confidence in money management. They can learn to control the day-to-day flow of money, create contingency plans, and understand how to set and meet financial goals through this program.

Home Buying Seminar: The largest single investment any of us will make in a lifetime is most likely in our home. The challenge of home ownership has probably never been greater, and yet the opportunities are also better than ever. This program will assist your employees so they can make informed decisions every step of the way; from working with a realtor, to choosing the right financing, to closing the deal.

Retirement Planning: Nothing is more important to living a happy, fulfilled life after the work years than solid retirement planning, yet the majority of Americans fall far short in this category. Your employees will learn how to get started if they don’t have a plan already. Or, we can help them enhance their current planning and learn about additional options.

Identity Theft: With over nine million victims each year, identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the U.S. If one of your employees became a victim of ID theft, the resulting consequences could have long-term, devastating effects. Help your employees learn ways to avoid identity theft troubles.

Credit Cards: Credit cards can be an important tool in personal finance management, but only when used with full understanding and smart strategies. Help your employees avoid credit card mismanagement and the consequences that go with living beyond their means by learning how to use this tool successfully.

Contact KCCU Business Services for a review of your needs. Kirk Schwarz: 269.441.1523 or email