KCCU Loan Insurance Verification

Thank you for choosing Kellogg Community Credit Union (KCCU) to finance your loan. Part of your loan agreement is to provide full coverage of insurance while your vehicle (includes: auto, motorcycle, boat, and camper/RV loans), or property (includes: mortgage and home equity loans) is used as collateral at KCCU. Please use our online insurance verification site in order to submit your insurance information or to verify that we have received it. You will be asked to provide the following information when logging on:

    • Reference ID and Control Number which you will receive via letter
    • Loan number
    • Name of insurance company
    • Insurance policy number
    • Effective date of insurance
    • Vehicle insurance: year, make, model, and vehicle identification number (VIN); comprehensive and collision deductible information; and KCCU listed as lienholder/loss payee
    • Property insurance: declarations page which lists the property address of insured property; the deductible and coverage amounts; and KCCU as mortgagee

If You Do Not Have Insurance

KCFCU Insurance Agency offers insurance to meet your coverage requirements, or you may choose another insurance agency. Purchase the appropriate coverage – full coverage vehicle (and boat) insurance, including comprehensive and collision; homeowner’s insurance or flood insurance; and Kellogg Community Credit Union should be listed as the lienholder or mortgagee.

Need more information?

Please visit the Insurance Verification Frequently Asked Questions web page for more information, or you may call 800-523-6404 to speak with an Insurance Service’s Representative. Thank you again for choosing KCCU for your lending needs.